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Thank you for your interest in Blossom to Bath Organic bath and body products.

At Blossom to Bath, we are passionate about fabulous daily-use skin care products that are made from the best natural ingredients available.

We believe that as more and more people are drawn to Organic and natural products, humans will feel more connected to the earth and more aware of the need to protect its ecosystems.

Our mission is to make affordable and effective natural products available to as many people as possible to promote the earth-humanity connection.

Humans are equipped by nature with the tools of curiosity, creativity, and innovation.  These tools allow us to make use of the materials we find around us and compels us to continually improve our quality of life.   As we discover new ways to employ the resources of nature through science, we can make progress toward conquering human suffering and hardship, adapting to our changing environment, expanding our knowledge, and living in peace.  The natural world is a vast treasure and is the source and enabler of human existence.  It is a complex system of which we are a part.  We are responsible for maintaining the balance of the system while we benefit from its richness.


When selecting our ingredients, only sustainable sources are considered. We purchase Organic when it is available in bulk quantities. Over time, we have developed relationships with a small set of reliable, proven suppliers to deliver cost effective, high quality products from around the world.


Blossom to Bath is a customer driven company. We have collaborated with customers to develop better formulas, fragrances, and packaging options. For customers looking for natural products to private label, we offer co-packing agreements, no minimum quantities on custom labeling, and collaborative product development services.


Blossom to Bath is the wholesale brand of Flowersong LLC. At retail, Flowersong Soap Studio is the local personality for the brand that can be found in select shops, craft shows, street fairs in the metropolitan Phoenix area and on Our retail efforts are mainly focused on market research, ensuring that the products we offer to our wholesale customers are viable in a variety of retail spaces.

Flowersong Soap Studio was founded in 2015 as a part time effort and became a full-time operation in July 2016. Organic Certification was obtained in August 2017. Blossom to Bath obtained trademark status and was launched in the fall of 2018.

Our Founder

The founder of Blossom to Bath is Jennifer O’Farrell, born in Yonkers and raised in Brewster NY, but a long time Phoenix AZ resident. Like many other Americans, and especially native NYer's with family still in the area, the events of 9/11 were life changing. Many Americans were compelled to wonder would happen if the crisp, efficient, modern life we knew was suddenly disrupted and life as we know it suddenly changed, and all the "high tech" became useless. How would we get the things we need? Especially necessities that we buy without thinking about it, like soap.  Our founder became intent on learning the craft of soapmaking, and in the process, opened to a world of skin care wellness, the natural products industry, and the importance of stewardship of natural resources.

Blossom to Bath is Jen’s second handmade bath and body products company, and her fourth business overall. Her formal education includes a business undergraduate degree and an MBA. She spent 3 decades in software development and technical project management.

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